8/26/2003 Captain Dude!!! Hopedale / Delacroix Island Fishing Report!!!

26 Aug

Joe Tucker, Curtis Stafford and son Zack Stafford and I started down Dudenhefer’s Bayou going to Black Bay in search of some Trophy Trout and Monster Bull Redfish!!!
The weather was calm with no waves no tide just slick as a Mirror “GLASS”, perfect for Black Bay. We stopped at several of my Hot spots we were using live Croakers on the bottom. Wham!!! Zack Stafford was hooked up on Monster Bull Redfish ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Wham!!! Then Curtis Stafford was hooked up on Monster Bull Redfish ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Wham!!! Now it was Joe Tucker Hooked up on a Monster Bull Redfish after a 20+minuet struggling ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ to keep him out of the rig he landed the BEAST, the Monster Bull Redfish all of 43” long and about 30+lbs, this was the 4 one, he had broke off on 3 other hook ups!!! They all had a great time with catching and releasing 4 more Bull Redfish!!!
To get away from so many Bull Redfish we took off to the islands to catch some smaller trout!!! The bite was slow but steady you had to fight off the ladyfish and needlefish to catch some trout!!! We were using Live shrimp under a Cajun thunder cork in 2’ of water.

ALSO THANKS TO CORNEL ARCENEAUX FOR REFERING CURTIS STAFFORD and his fishing team to go on this fishing trip with me; I had a great time with these Dudes.

We caught
1 Redfish
4 Bull Redfish 44” long about 30+ lbs and (4 Bull Redfish Released!!!)      17 Speckled Trout
This was one of many great Memorable Fishing Trips!!!

Check out the Great Pictures!!!  
All you have to bring is a fishing license and what you want to eat and drink. Two Comfortable Private Deluxe overnight accommodations that have NIGHT FISHING & you can catch CRABS right from the boat dock.

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